Precision Earth Moving GPS Radio Equipment
MIRA Award Finalist



Hudson Satellite Positioning Corporation

Hudson Satellite Positioning Corporation designs and manufactures custom hardware solutions for machine guidance and control services. We customize solutions based upon our customer's needs, offering affordable solutions that use state of the art technology to increase productivity and performance.

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We offer consolidated solutions to fulfill your machine controller and GPS/Radio needs. Our machine controllers can improve productivity and efficiency of a wide range of equipment. Whether a single machine or a whole fleet, we provide customization for your business requirements.

Each of our controllers can be tailored to meet your specific needs and can be integrated with your existing system. We have also engineered our machine controllers to integrate the GPS and Radio receivers and controller into one easy to setup box.

Our machine controllers are rugged (aluminum cases) and comparable in size to other machine controllers. The consolidation of all receivers into one box allows for easier setup and less clutter in the cab.

Hudson Satellite Positioning also backs up our claims of reliability and durability with a three year extended warranty and dedicated customer service.

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